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Why Do I Need A Will?

You need a Will if you are married:

Most people mistakenly assume that their whole estate will automatically pass to their spouse upon their death.

Depending on your own particular circumstances, other members of the family could be entitled to make a legitimate claim upon your estate. This could result in your property having to be sold.

You need a Will if you have children under 18:

If you do not appoint a guardian for your children, the authorities will have to. These may not be the people you would have chosen.

You need a Will if you and your partner are unmarried:

Unless assets are held in joint names the surviving partner has no legal entitlement to the deceased person's estate.

You need a Will if you have children from a previous relationship:

Once you have both died, your assets will pass to the children (or family) of whoever died second, leaving the other persons children (or family) with nothing.

Should you both die together the youngest partner is assumed to have died last.

You need a Will if you have adult dependants:

By writing a Will you can allow someone to live in your property until they die, marry or reach a certain age without giving them the ownership.

After this the property will pass to whoever you have chosen.

You need a Will if you have assets in your name only:

When you die your assets will be frozen until the administration of your estate is completed. This could take months and cause distress and financial difficulties for those you care about.

In a Will you can provide for your family's or partner's future...

Making a Will means that all you own goes to those you care about and not whom the law has chosen, you've done all you can to provide protection for your family.

In a Will you can leave something to a relative, friend or charity...

A Will is a wonderful way to remember someone special and to be remembered by someone. In addition, you can leave a lasting legacy so that the work of your favorite charity can go on.

Avoid any argument, expense or delay.

Here's how we can help:

By having Will and Probate draft your Will you can rest assured knowing that after your death your estate will be distributed in accordance with your wishes.

Without a Will the average delay in dealing with an estate is two years. With a Will the average is only six months.

We offer professional expertise and experience at a competitive price, making it easy to write a Will with our convenient home visits.

"It takes just one hour of your time to ensure that what you have worked hard for all your life goes to whom you care about and not those chosen by the State."

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