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Complete Care Will Maintenance
(optional service)

Your Will must be kept up to date...

Your circumstances will change throughout your life. When the time comes for you to update your Will, we will draw up a totally new Will for you (not a codicil). As a Complete Care  client you are entitled to two FREE updates.

Should you require any further updates, we will give you a special discount of 50% off the current standard charge.

Your Executors must know where your Will is and have immediate access to it...

Complete Care Will Maintenance offers you security and fireproof storage for your Will. We will write to your executors to let them know where your original signed Will is kept and how they can obtain it when it is required. You will be provided with a copy of your Will for personal reference and new copies with each update.

Our service gives clients the confidence to relax in the knowledge that one of the most important documents they are ever likely to sign is in safe hands.

Your Will is invalid if it is lost, defaced or tampered with in any way. As a confidential legal document it is important that it is kept safe yet accessible for your Executors.

Your Executors may need help...

Your executors may have a stressful time in settling your estate, especially family members after they have lost a loved one.

Complete Care Will Maintenance can make a difficult time easier by giving your Executors free professional and sympathetic help and advice thus avoiding heavy legal costs to your estate. If for any reason your executors are unable to fulfill their role, as a Complete Care client, they have the option to request our Probate team to act on their behalf at a modest fixed fee, not a percentage of your estate as is customary.

"It is a small investment that will prove invaluable in the years to come."


This service includes: 

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